Single wing underground Motor - INTRO 400

This set is for underground motor installation for Single swing (hinged) gates with wings of up to 4M and 500Kg.

The motor powered by low voltage 24V only, safe and easy to install.

For better duration, and much longer life span, the motor's boxes, and covers made of Stainless steel (not Zinc). 

The motors are controlled by KingGates standard control Unit – Star G8, with all the digital features, remote controls, slow down, adjustable obstacle sensor and more. 

The control box is ready for connection of safety units, access controls, intercom, electric locks, hazard light, and more.

The design of the INTRO400 allows the easy service access!

This set includes:

  • One underground Motors
  • Motor's stainless box and cover
  • Control Box - Star G8
  • Two x remote control units
  • One x Manual emergency release keys

Additional Optional items for this Set:

  • Solar power option - please choose the solar Kit
  • Remote mains power with low voltage cables to the gate
  • Wide opening of up to 360 Degrees is with the optional drive chain Kit INT360
  • Infrared safety units one, or two sets
  • 90 Deg. installation brackets for the Safety sets  - Bracket 100
  • Automatic electric locking - lock between the wings for better security and compulsory for wings of more then 2.2-meters
  • Stainless, flexible, cable protector for the lock's cable
  • Digital keypad for key-less entry - few options
  • More remote control units
  • Vehicle detection automatic opening
  • Intercom connection

 Note: The instructions on this Website are guide only. It is the buyer responsibility to make sure that the items purchased are suitable for the gate 


 Gate Length

    Up to 4 meters

 Gate weight

   Up to 500Kg

 Power required for system

    240V AC

 Motor Voltage


 Motor power consumption

   120 W

Material of the box

   Stainless Steel 308

Material of the top Cover

   Stainless Steel 308

 Motor rotection level

    IP 67

 Working duty cycle / Hour


Brand KingGates
Shipping Weight 15.0000kg