This automation Kit is suitable for standard single wing, swing gates.

The wing shall be up to 2.2Meters long, and 450Kg in weight.

The motor colour is grey (black available - see grey kit).

This Kit presents additional optional items to choose form as per your needs and requests.

For basic kit parts are sufficient for standard automation, and includes:

  • Solar Panel with mounting bracket set, and 6m of cable
  • motor unit JET
    • Post mounting bracket for the motor included
    • Wing mounting bracket for the motor included
    • 1M motor cable included
  • control Unit in weatherproof Box
    • Batteries included in the control box
    • solar Charger included in the control box
    • cable Glands included

Installation information

  • The Solar panel must be installed in a place exposed to the sun ray from the early morning and to dusk. Any obstacle as trees, building etc, may affect the reliability of the system.
  • Please refer to the geometry requirements in the installation book, to make sure that your gate is suitable to this kit. The book can be seen and downloaded from the Manual Tab of this website
  • you can choose the most suitable post bracket, as per the design of the gate and hinges


  • For the following optional items, you will need additional cables:
  • For Infrared safety sensors - 4 wires; “security cable” recommended. copper section not more than 0.5sq mm.  5m cable length for one set of safety, 15 meters for two sets of infra-red safety
  • For Electric Lock: flexible cable - 2x0.75sq mm copper section wires, recommended double shield cable with external diameter of not more than 6mm external diameter, cable length 4meters

Safety sensors requirements

  • minimum one set of infra-red safety sensor is required when choosing automatic closing operation.
  • for step by step setup mode (open/stop/close), the Safety sensor(s) recommended but not compulsory
  • you are welcome to choose any of the other optional items as per your needs and requirements


  • for electric lock, it is best to choose the “Flexible Cable Protector” for the lock cabling


Any of the above information is recommendation only, it is the buyer responsibility to get the suitable configuration and the correct installation of the equipment.


  • this Kit comes with 3 years warranty on the motor and main control board. And 12 month for other items; batteries, remote control units, safety sensors, lock, and any other item
  • the warranty applied automatically, no need for registration.
  • For more details see our “Warranty Terms”, and the “Terms and Conditions”.

Please contact us for more information and for help with getting installer around your area.

Made in Italy, the home of gate automation, the Jet 24 Kit is a stylish and modern system. With the Allegro solar powered system, it can easily move standard gate wings up to 450Kg in weight, and 2.2meters of leaf (wing) in length. The system is so easy to program thanks to its automatic programming function.

The Jet 24 boasts many innovative features, including a slow-down facility on opening and closing, obstacle detection to ensure safety, secondary safety input for additional photo cells or safety edges, and has partial opening for pedestrian use.

System benefits

  • Reliable: All mechanical parts made of metals, as steel, bronze and aluminium, no plastic parts in this motor
  • Quick motor release for emergency gate release with a key supplied with the motor
  • Maximum strength: the helical gears are built with internal involving teeth

System features

  • Extra safe thanks to the low-voltage connections 24V, the safety accessories and the anti-crush by the automatic obstacle detection feature
  • Auto-programming: automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for your gate
  • PWM electronic technology (Pules Width Modulation) controlling the gate travel speed and smoothing the motion.
  • Adjustable automatic closing delay (Pause)
  • Internal antenna and receiver included within the control box
  • Tool-free, remote-control units programming (this feature can be blocked in some models, please ask needs to be blocked)
  • Up to 180 Remote control units, or more with extended memory
  • Wings synchronization adjustment (for Double swing gates only)

Obstacle sensitivity adjustment


Brand KingGates
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg