This unit is a Solar Charger and Controller.

The unit design to work perfect with Allegro / KingGates solar equipment, Pumps ,and other applications where constant power required.

This unit works with 12V or 24V systems. The switching of the voltages done automatically.

The controller is switching off the load automatically, when the battery voltage is dropping to 10 V / 22V. it re connect at 13V / 26V (according to system 12 or 24. This to protect the battery and extend its life spa.

The unit should be installed in weatherproof box, when installed outdoor.


The unit has automatic internal switching and can

This unit connected by screw terminals to 3 items:

  1. Solar panel(s)
  2. Battery or batteries
  3. The load (gate motor, light, pump, or other)



Solar max voltage                            48V   / 24V

Battery type                                       Gel Sealed Acid

Battery max power                         10 Amp

Battery voltage                                 13.6 (12V)   or 27V (24V)

Switching between 12V-24V voltage        Automatic

External fuse required

IP rate:                                                   22



  1. Green LED   ON    good            there is charge, the unit works well
  2. Red    LED   ON    not good       load not connected, battery not good
  3. 3x Yellow LED                       indicate how full the battery is   25%, 25- 75%   75 and above


Note: we are keeping the rights to change this product with similar product without notice


Barcode # SOL-CHARG-10A-1
Shipping Weight 0.1580kg
Shipping Width 0.080m
Shipping Height 0.035m
Shipping Length 0.100m