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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an electrician?

A: All of the products advertised for sale on this website are low voltage systems. Therefore they do not require an electrician to install them. However, the systems require a connection to 240 volt, mains power. This does mean you will need a power point located close enough to the gate to supply power to the control unit.


My gate be automated if it opens outwards towards the road?

A: If the gate is already installed on the front boundary line and actually opens onto council property, then your gate is not able to be automated, as there are safety issues to the public. If you are able to install your gates within your property and have them operate to the fully open position within your property, there will be no problem with its automation. We would strongly recommend the installation of safety accessories and products. Some motors require special brackets to allow the gates to open outwards so we recommend calling before making purchase.


My gate automatically close?

A: Yes, we can supply accessories to automatically close the gate after its opened. However it is our company policy to not program automatic closing without sufficient safety products. By installing safety products to your automatic gate, such as safety beams which detect if a person or object passes through the operating area of the closing gate or has been left in this area. They stop or block the movement of the gate, therefore minimizing the risk of injury and or damage to people and or property. 


My gate be automated if the gate opens up hill with rising hinges?

A: Yes, your gates are able to be automated when rising hinges are fitted to your gate. So long as there is some thought given to the design prior to manufacturing your gates. Please keep in mind the weight of your gate and the material you use to manufacture your gates.


My existing automatic garage door operator be operated by my new King remote control?

A: Yes, in most cases your new KING remote can be used to access your garage door, by fitting a King garage door controller to your garage door control unit.


Is cheaper, an automatic sliding gate or an automatic swing gate?

A: That depends entirely on your requirements and site conditions. A sliding gate has only one motor not two like double swing gates, but by design may have more components and site requirements, therefore adding to the cost. A sliding gate also allows you to make better use of limited room on driveways. A set of swing gates may have an extra motor but require less site work. A single swing gate only has one motor, but will require larger posts, bigger hinges and a larger gate frame.


Not familiar with gate automation, but I would like to try, can you assist me?

A: Yes, we also recommend you read the manual and ensure you are comfortable with all the tools needed. Otherwise contact a local electrician for assistance and we can provide phone support.


Many remote controls can I use?

A: You can use up to 150 remotes. If you are planning to use a large quantity of remotes, there may be more economical options such as coded access via the king keypads


Is the range of the remote control?

A: 50 m in ideal conditions. External radio signals such as wireless intercoms and baby monitors may reduce the range. The flashing light has a built-in antenna, and in extreme cases, an extra antenna will help improve the range.


Happens in the event of a power failure?

A: The gate can be manually operated by using the key to disengage the motor. The optional backup battery will provide a least 10 movements (opening + closing) in the event of a blackout.


The motor come with any warranty?

A: All King components come with 24 month warranty when the automation is correctly installed, operated and maintained.


Safe is the system?

A: The system operates on 24V, which is far safer than traditional 240V. It has adjustable inbuilt sensitivity and easy to install optional devices, like photocells, to increase the safety of the system.


I really need the safety beams?

A: These devices will dramatically increase the safety of your system and while they are not yet a legal requirement in Australia, they are strongly recommended. Allegro can accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by a clients' choice not to take reasonable safety precautions (such as the fitting of photocells) to protect the area covered by the movement of the gate.

Fast does the motor operate?

This depends on the size of opening. A swing gate will take about 15 seconds to fully open, a 4 m slide will open in about 18 seconds. You can easily adjust force of the motor and speed of the gate at your will.

I need to use a lock with the gate?

A: On sliding gates and shorter solid swing gates, the motor is an effective lock. If an extra lock is required it can be activated automatically via the control board. We advise locks to be fitted in all gates with leaf greater than 2.5 m.

Use DC motor or battery operated motor on a gate opener?

A: A DC motor has excellent starting torque (much greater than an AC motor). This high starting torque is ideal to overcome the initial friction of getting the gate moving and accelerating the gate up to speed.

The speed of a DC motor is easily controlled and thus a gate can be softly ramped up to speed and slowed down as required (see the D5 motor).

The DC motor is more efficient than comparable AC motors thus virtually eliminating shutdown due to over - temperature.

With a battery the gate can be operated a limited number of times in total power failure conditions (actual number of operations depends on the capacity of the battery).

In areas of no AC mains power a solar panel can be used to charge a battery. Typical applications are farming communities, or high security sites located on mountainous areas, etc.