This Kit designed for gate wings of 3 – 5 meters long with a weight of up to 250kg

The unit is a 'ram' type motor with stainless steel mechanical piston operator.

It provides a long stroke of 500mm making it suitable for many different applications from farm gates to installation directly on pillar(s)

The motor is powered by 24V with continues duty cycle for any application

This motor operates best with the KingGates standard control Box Star-G8

The motor is suitable for single swing or double wing gates. The system can be powered by mains power, distance mains power, or solar power (maximum specification is reduced when using solar power)

The unit is purely Italian made by King Gates, and has passed the Allegro tests under harsh Australian conditions.

Electric locking is recommended for all gates and a must for wings of for 2.2 meters or longer

Motor Warranty:  3 years from date of purchase through Allegro Gate Automation or King Gates


Barcode # SWS-RAM-3-3
Brand KingGates