Swing gate  automation / opener motor MiniModus (Master)

The MiniModus is a stylish and modern gate automation system. It made in Italy, the home of gate automation.

This system powered by 240V AC suitable for Australia / NZ Mains power.

motor is powered by a 24 volt transformer and can move gate wings up to 250Kg in weight and 2 Meter in length. The MiniModus Articulated arm kit is the ideal chose to be fitted on new or existing gates due to the wide range of positional adjustment.,


The system is very easy to program thanks to its automatic program function.

The MiniModus boasts many innovative features, including a slow-down facility on opening and closing

obstacle detection to ensure safety, secondary safety input for additional infrared photo cells, or safety edges, and has partial opening for pedestrian use. The benefit of a low voltage system is the capacity for high use and the option for battery backup in case of power cuts. Solar power is optional by adding solar panel and batteries. When using solar power - the max specifications of the gate – weight, length and speed - is reduced by 30%

This motor unit available with the following configurations:


  1. Mines power 240V: ready to go
  2. Distance (remote) power: with our distance power box (BOX DISTANCE POWER)
  3. Solar power: with additional solar control box (SOL SLB PWR BOX) and solar panel (SOL PNL 40W)

Single swing setup options:

  1. “Master” motor unit -ready to go with build in internal control unit
  2. “Slave” motor Unit With separate control box – SWB-G8 (items need to order separately) 

Double swing setup options:

  1. “Master” and “Slave” MiniModus motor units – ready to go as with this setup
  2. 2x MiniModus “Slave” units. and control box SWB STAR-G8)

This “Master’ Motor  unit includes

  • One Master MiniModus Motor
  • Power cord with Australian plug
  • Folding arms for up to 2M gates
  • Standard mounting brackets

Technical Features

  • Reliable and noiseless: mechanical parts made of metal, completely made of steel, bronze and aluminium, all the components on bear bearings
  • Quick motor release for manual gate operation
  • Maximum strength: the helical gears are built with internal envolvent teeth

Electronic features

  • Extra safe thanks to the low-voltage connections (24 V), the safety accessories and the automatic obstacle detection feature
  • Auto-programming: automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate
  • PWM electronic technology (Pules width modulation) to regulate the speed of the gate, and to obtain a fluid motion

Control unit with integrated receiver

  • Timed and adjustable automatic closing function
  • Programming of new transmitters (up to 180)
  • Pause time adjustment
  • Obstacle sensitivity adjustment


Note: The instructions on this Website are guide only. It is the buyer responsibility to make sure that the items purchased are suitable for the gate 


Shipping Weight 10.0000kg