1. What is this Kit
  • This is a sliding gate automation - gate opener – DYNAMOS 400 / 424.
  • It provides with two KINGgates remote-control units - Stylo.
  • This Motor is suitable for standard sliding gate weight up to 400Kg.
  • There is no limitation on the length of the gate.
  • This Motor powered by mains power (you may choose Solar power on the solar Kits section).
  • The Dynamos 400 / 424 comes with emergency manual gate release keys.


  1. This Motor design for residential and commercial use and suitable for:
  • Commercial gates.
  • Residential gates.


  1. The Dynamos 400 / 424 power options
  • 240Volt, AC mains-power.
  • Remote mains-power 240V where power point is away from the gate with additional power box.
  • Solar 24V (see SOLAR Kit).


  1. Force
  • The Dynamos 400 / 424 will move standard gates of up to 400Kg.
  • Speed and force may reduce by 30% where using solar power, gate is on a sloop, cantilever, or non-standard gate with excessive friction.


  1. Safety sensors requirements
  • This Kit can be setup in 4 different operation methods:
  • For step by step setup (open/stop/close) -  safety sensor Sets are recommended.
  • For automatic closing setup – minimum one infra-red safety sensor Set is compulsory .
  • For better safety - two safety sensors Sets recommended, on exit and entry sides.


  1. Benefits of this Motor
  • Reliable: Italian well known European quality of mechanical parts, electronic components, materials, and design.
  • Quick and easy emergency gate release.
  • Maximum strength: the helical gears are built with internal evolving teeth.
  • 3 years manufacture and Allegro Warranty see our easy warranty terms and conditions.


  1. The Dynamos 400 / 424 can be combined with additional optional items:
  • Digital Keypads wired and wireless.
  • Intercoms.
  • Infrared safety units.
  • Backup Battery and Charger.
  • Solar power set (on different Kit).
  • Remote (distance) mains-power (when power point is away from the gate).
  • Hazard light.
  • Electric/ magnetic locking.
  • Raised mounting Plate.


  1. Technology
  • The Dynamos 624 Unit including 240V to 24V transformer. The internal motor and the electronics operate on 24V. This configuration gives better safety to the user and the installer. With the low voltage system duty cycle increases to be    80 - 100% depends on operation setup mode.
  • The Dynamos 624 including the KingGates standard 24V control unit- G8. This unit is so easy to program due to its automatic programming function. The Dynamos 624 boasts many innovative features including; a slow-down facility when opening and closing, obstacle detection to ensure safety, wind detection secondary safety input for additional photo cells or safety edges, and partial opening for pedestrians or other use.


  1. This motor is 100% Italian made
  • This product adapted by KINGgates Italy to meet the Australian and NZ specific requirements and needs.


  1. Technical Features
  • Reliable and noiseless: mechanical parts made of metal, diecast painted aluminium base, gear motor mounted on bearings.
  • Quick motor release for emergency manual opening.
  • Maximum strength: the helical gears are built with internal involving teeth.


  1. Electronic features
  • Extra safe thanks to the low-voltage connections (24V), the safety accessories and the automatic obstacle detection feature.
  • Auto-programming: automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) electronic technology to regulate the speed of the gate, and for smoother motion.
  • Control unit with inbuilt integrated receiver.
  • Timed and adjustable automatic closing function.
  • Programming of up to 180 transmitters (remote control units) and 2000 with extended memory.
  • Obstacle sensitivity adjustment.
  • Adjustable speed.


  • Any of the above information is recommendation only, it is the buyer’s responsibility to choose and order the suitable configuration, and for correct installation of the equipment.
  • We are recommending professional installation. Contact us for help with choosing Installer  in your area.



TECHNICAL DATA Dynamos 424-G8 FAST Standard Gate wight 400Kg Power Supply (VAC 50Hz) 240 Motor Power supply (VDC) 24 / Solar Motor power (W) 40 Temp Range (C) -20 -- +55 Operating Temp (C) 25 Speed (MM/Sec) 16-22 Cycle of work (%) 50 Dimensions (mm) 235X185X274 Weight (Kg) 9 Gate max weight (Kg) 400
SKU SLM-424-F-2R-G8
Barcode # 0000000591
Brand KingGates
Shipping Weight 12.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.290m
Shipping Length 0.410m
Unit Of Measure ctn