Item  Name: Double swing gate JET 24V KIT                         Item  Code: SWD-JET-GRY -KIT

  1. What is this kit

This is gate opener/ automation Kit, for twin-wings gate.

This JET automation Kit is perfect solution for standard double wings swing gates.

This kit is suitable for gate of up to 6 meters in total length (2x 3M Wings) and up to 1,200Kg (2x 600Kg Wings). There is no limitation for the high measurement of the gate.

This Kit is ready for Australian mains power (240V). One standard power point (GPO) required for this automation System.

Where power point is away from the gate, optional Distance Power Box, can be selected form the optional items of this Kit.

Two KingGates Stylo remote control Units comes with this Kit.

  1. This Kit is suitable for the following applications
  • Industrial uses gates.
  • Commercial gates.
  • Residential gates.
  1. The motor colour is silver grey – make it natural selection for different colours of gates. (for black colour gates, (you may choose the black JET Kit for black colour gate).



  1. Gate Operation Modes

This Kit can be setup in 4 different operation methods:

  • Full user control on the gate Step by step setup (open/stop/close)
  • Automatic closing  - user only open the gate
  • Automatic closing with intervention – Automatic, with the ability to command the gate to stop and / or close cycle.
  • Open and Close only (not recommended for standard setup)


  1. Force

The Jet motors of the Kit rated for 2000N force. Each JET Motor of this Kit easily moving standard gate wings of 600Kg and up to 3 Meter long. with its two motors. This kit system will move gates of up to 1,200Kg and 6 meters long.


The force and the speed are adjusted during the installation for maximum safety of the gate operation in case of coalition with an obstacle as object, car, person animal, etc.


Maximum Speed and force may reduce by 30% where using solar power, Raising hinges setup, bi-fold wings, or non-standard gate with excessive friction.

This Kit comes with an Automatic Wind Detection, allowing the gate to close and open through wind gusts.


  1. What  is in this Kit

This kit including basic items which are sufficient to automat your gate.

There are additional optional items to choose from as per your needs.

The basic Items of the kit including:

  • Two (2) JET Grey Colour motors.
  • Two (2) post fitting brackets for the motor, welded and ready to bolt on a post.
  • Two (2) wing brackets for the motor, welded and ready to bolt on the gate wings.
  • Two (2) motor travel stopers, to limit the travel for wings up to 2.2M.
  • Two (2) cables connected to each motor of 1.2 meters long.
  • Four (4) manual release cut keys, for emergency gate opening.
  • Two (2) remote control units with 4 buttons each.
  • One (1) Digital control box in ABS weatherproof.

Additional items to choose with ordering this Kit

You can choose the following optional items to add to the basic kit:

  • More remote control units
  • Keypads for keyless entry / exit, wired or wireless
  • Infrared safety beam Set
  • Battery Backup and automatic Charger
  • Garage door receiver – to open the garage door with the KingGates remote controls.
  • Distance power box – where power point is away from the gate
  • Outward brackets – when the gate is open outward
  • Electric latch lock – for better security
  • Lock cable protector – optional to use with the lock
  • Additional manual emergency release keys.


  1. What is not including in this Kit that you will need for the installation:
  • Cable to connect the second motor to control box. This Cable should  be for 24/240V, Flexible, 2 x 1.5mm to 2.5mm copper section wires. With round section shape(double insulation). Length depends on the gate size and location of the control box.
  • Bolts to fit the bracket to the gate and the post/wall not included.
  • Only when safety set connected- security / data Cable with 4 wires, flexible,  to connect between each safety unit and the control box installation location.
  • Only when a lock I connected – two wires flexible cable, copper section 1mm, 24/240V. with round shape external diameter 6MM. length depend on the wing size and distance from the control box installation location.
  • Only when second set of safety chosen – installation posts. You can choose the post separately. And brackets for installation the safety units on a gate post on this site -
  • Small amount of grease to lubricate the motor brackets, and the main drive screw.
  • Recommended, small junction box for the connection of the far side motor.
  • Two (2) screw Terminals, or other terminals for the connection of the far side motor (a row of 12 terminals can be purchased on this shop).
  • Tools.


  1. Installation information
  • Please refer to the geometry requirements in the installation book, to make sure that your gate is suitable to this kit. The book can be seen and downloaded from the
    “Manuals” Tab of this website
  • You can choose  a post bracket, as per the design of the gate and hinges Search “Post Bracket”
  • Please apply small amount of grease on the motor bracket shaft and bolt, and on the drive screw.


  1. Safety sensors requirements

This system included automatic anti-crush detection and wind detection features. Additional Safety items setup may depend on the operation mode:

  • For step by step setup (open/stop/close) -  safety sensor Sets are recommended.
  • For automatic closing setup – minimum one infra-red safety sensor Set is compulsory .
  • For better safety - two safety sensors Sets recommended, on exit and entry sides for any operation mode.
  • Note: you must check the safety regulation at your area


  1. Benefits of this Motor kit
  • Reliable: Italian well known European quality of mechanical parts, electronic components, materials, and design.
  • Quick and easy emergency gate manual release.
  • Maximum strength: the helical gears are built with internal evolving teeth.
  • ALL parts of this motor made of metal.
  • 3 years manufacture and Allegro Warranty see our easy warranty terms and conditions.

Note: Any of the above information is recommendation only, it is the buyer responsibility to get the suitable configuration and the correct installation of the equipment.


  • This Kit comes with 3 years warranty on the motor and main control board, and 12 month for other items as; batteries, remote control units, safety sensors, lock.
  • The warranty applied automatically, no need for registration.
  • For more details see our “Warranty Terms”, and the “Terms and Conditions” on this site.


Please contact us for more information and for help with getting installer around your area.


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