The JET automation Kit, is perfect for standard double wings swing gates.

The maximum recommended wings size is up to 2 X 3 meters long, and 1800N (standard gates, weight 2X 600Kg). the motors come with Black colour (for Grey colour motors - please chose the Grey Kit). if your gate is not standard, the maximum size and weight may be reduced.

Automatic locking device recommended and compulsory for wings length more than 2.2M / 300Kg

Made in Italy, the home of gate automation, the Jet 24 Kit is a stylish and modern system. It is mains powered and can move up to 600 kg in weight and 3m in length per leaf. The system is very easy to program due to its automatic program function. The Jet 24 boasts many innovative features, including a slow-down facility on opening and closing, obstacle detection to ensure safety, secondary safety input for additional photo cells or safety edges, and has partial opening for pedestrian use.

Technical Features

  • Reliable and noiseless: mechanical parts made of metal, completely made of steel, bronze and aluminum, all the components on bear bearings
  • Quick motor release for manual gate operation
  • Maximum strength: the helical gears are built with internal envolvent teeth

Electronical features

  • Extra safe thanks to the low-voltage connections (24 V), the safety accessories and the automatic obstacle detection feature
  • Auto-programming: automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate
  • PWM electronic technology (Pules width modulation) to regulate the speed of the gate, and to obtain a fluid motion

Control unit with integrated receiver

  • Timed and adjustable automatic closing function
  • Programming of new transmitters (up to 180)
  • Pause time adjustment
  • Obstacle sensitivity adjustment


Brand KingGates
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg