What is this

This set allows  continues operation of a mains powered gate, in case of power breakdown


What is in this Set

This Battery Backup Kit including an automatic smart charger, and Nickel Metal battery pack.



This set is small size and fit inside the motor or the control box of the KingGates Automation System.

How it works

When mains power available, the Automatic charger charging the battery. During power breakdown, the battery will switch on, to power the Gate. The backup Kit will power the gate for the next 2 to 6 hours, depending on the uses of the gate. When mains power is back, the charge will continue to charge the battery. All done automatically, nothing to do.


Applicable models

This Kit suitable for all KingGates systems controlled by the G8 control unit introduced at the end of year 2017.

Note: For older systems with D124 or D224 control unit, please use the older versions Kits:

  • For Slider, Modus and MiniModus:  SLA-BAT-BKUP -2
  • For systems with JET, Couper, Linear-Ram motoes: SWA-BKUP-2

Other options

  • If the gate is intensively use, depend on the security level requirements, you may leave the gate open until power is back.
  • For areas where longer and frequent power breakdowns, you may choose different setup. These items should be ordered separately:
    • With the 7 Amp  - about 4 days of operation with about 20 cycles a day.
    • With 20 Amp batteries - about 14 days of operation with about 20 cycles a day.

This item must be recycled !




Operation time, and number of cycles depend on the actual gate and the interval of operation

Duration                                   This Set 1.3Amp        7Amp Set       18Amp Set

Approx. no of cycles                     10                               50                   100    

Approx. time of use                   2-6 hours                     4 days            14 Days

Shipping Weight 0.6630kg
Shipping Width 0.130m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 0.155m