This backup battery Kit is suitable for KingGates system with D224 (or D124 for slider) Control unit

(for systems with G8 control unit  - please choose the backup 3 (BKUP-3-KG)


This Kit includes:

  1. One (1) Charger BAT K2
  2. Two (2) 2.3 AMP GEL. Deled acid  Batteries
  3. One (1) Set bridging wires with terminals and plugs for this ready to use Kit

This Kit is for fitting within the KingGates "STAR" control box. 

The STAR control box can be use with the following configurations:

  1. With any JET 24V sets, Single wing, Double swing, black or grey colour motors
  2. With Modus single, swing, when installed with separate control box and with "slave" motor(s). (without master motor)
  3. With Sliders Dynamos only when installed with separate Control box.
  4. With any Couper motors 24V
  5. With any Linear Motors 24V


Shipping Weight 0.5720kg
Shipping Width 0.040m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.095m