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Terms & Conditions of Trade

Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms
    1. The supplies, services and proposals of The Vendor are provided exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions of which will apply to all future transactions even without express agreement being repeated.
    2. Any advice, recommendation, information assistance or service provided by The Vendor is done in good faith and is believed by The Vendor to be appropriate and reliable while furthermore it does not indicate any expertise peculiar to The Vendor and as such is provided without liability or responsibility.
    3. The gate system by itself does not claim to be sufficient protection against intruders, additional measures may need to be taken.
    4. Unless subject to warranty claims all future onsite repairs or replacements will incur a callout fee, travel and labour charges in accordance with pricing schedules at the time of the request.
    5. These terms and conditions will apply to any variation of this offer including a request by the customer to purchase any of The Vendor additional items and accessories. All additional item prices are only valid if purchased as a part of a motor installation.
    6. All equipment and items remain the property of The Vendor until the full amount of the order has been paid. The customer hereby irrevocably authorises any representative of The Vendor access to any place controlled by the customer, for the purpose of removing and reclaiming possession of the products. The Vendor will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred in reclaiming possession of the products. The customer acknowledges that The Vendor has the right to register any of the The Vendor products delivered to the customer on the Personal Property Securities Register.
  2. Warranty
    1. A Limited Warranty is automatically provided with the purchase of the goods from The Vendor.
    2. The full Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions can be found on the Warranty documents or by the website.
  3. Terms of Payment
    1. The Vendor will invoice the customer upon receiving the order. 
    2. The Vendor will pay for the goods prior to delivery unless a full trade account application has been completed and accepted by The Vendor.
    3. If the customer account is outside the stated trading terms the account may be placed on a credit hold in which no further orders can be completed until the overdue account is rectified. 
    4. All payments made by credit card may attract 2.5 percent surcharge which will be charged on the following invoice.
    5. In the case of payment arrears The Vendor is entitled to charge interest on the sum owed at a rate of 2.5 percent of the total amount, with a minimum charge of twenty-five dollars.
    6. Should it become necessary for further actions to recover any outstanding monies The Vendor will appoint a debt collection agency, the customer acknowledges that all costs and/or legal fees will be recoverable from the customer.
    7. GST will be charged in accordance with the Goods and Services Act (1999) Cth.